Valdosta Food Bank Looking for a Little Holiday Giving

Here's a follow up to a story we told you about a couple weeks ago: the needs of local food banks; an update to the progress that was made this holiday season and what needs still remain.

Thanks to many generous donations this holiday season, the Valdosta Food Bank met their quarter year goal in donations of more than 40,000 pounds of food, but with the holidays coming to an end and a new year approaching, officials at Valdosta's Food Bank are hoping more people will make donations even after the holiday giving season.

"During the holidays, people have that extra spirit of charity because it is a holiday time, but you know, January first comes around, March and April, we're starting towards spring time and we still need that help we need that financial help to support the community," says Jennifer Glisson.

Even though the food bank has received generous food donations, they say it's been a tough year. They're especially lacking cash donations that help them purchase food and staff the organization.

Our cash donations not only help to pay our staff of course, helping to get the food distributed, but it also helps us with buying power because for us, $1.00 can buy 28 pounds of food, which you can't do at a regular grocery store.

Food bank officials say the 28 pounds of food from that $1.00 donation could feed six families. All donations are tax deductible. Food bank officials are urging local businesses to keep them in mind when their budgets are created for the upcoming year.

If you would like more information on how you can donate or become involved with the Valdosta Food Bank, you can call 229-244-2678.