Airport Security Tightens

The Department of Homeland Security is requiring armed security officers on some international flights, another decision coming from a heightened security alert for the nation.

How are air travelers adjusting to the extra security measures? They say it's an adjustment, but it has to be done. Homeland Security Director Tom Ridge wants Americans to bring your luggage to the airports, and your patience.

Just in time for holiday travel, homeland security officials raise the security alert to level orange.

"The threat is real. We don't just raise the level for no reason. We've added more layers to an already excellent security system," says Quinten Johnson.

With that, the Transportation Security Administration is warning air travelers to get ready for the longer lines with more security measures.

"When we increase to a new security level, it tailor made for that threat. There's no one size fits all. Security measures vary from city to city."

But air travelers say there are some changes and inconveniences, but they understand.

"They're checking IDs now as you board, but they didn't do that before," Yuri Tymoshenko said.

"I'm in a boot cast as you can see, and when I left I wasn't checked, but on my way back they wheeled me up and checked the boot cast, so that was something a little different," said Dhyana Ziegler.

The advice from TSA to make sure you make your flight is to get to the airport at least an hour and a half before your flight, and possibly two, depending on the size of the airport.

Christmas travel is always a busy time at the airports. At Tallahassee’s airport, things went very well. People avoided the metal and did wrap presents, which was the request from TSA.