Cough Syrup Being Misused by Kids

It's cold and flu season and over the counter drugs are flying off the shelves, but a new trend says kids are grabbing them for reasons other than a runny nose. They are using your everyday cough medicines like Robitussin and Corcidin as recreational drugs to attain a high that's the equivalent of PCP, and the trend is growing.

They call them skittles, or triple "C", but it's not candy, it's one of the most dangerous highs, and it's purchased right over the counter.

“It's very hard to monitor the use over the counter at this point we haven't seen a problem as the increase use over the U.S. and over the internet comes up it's going to be very hard to monitor,” says Dr. Cedric Guyton.

Michele Hankin, a counselor for teens with addictions, says the trend is becoming more popular because of the feeling of euphoria it brings and its convenience.

“It's dangerous and it can produce an affect like a heroin overdose and they're just beginning to do research on it,” says Hankin.

In Leon County, DXM has not become a big problem, but resource officer Sgt. Bill Dawkins feels that parents can never be too cautious.

“It's not a big deal in the fact that it's over the counter medication that they take but as far as their bags parents should check their bags and their rooms to see what's going on with their kids and what they have,” said SGT Bill Dawkins.

DXM is the substance that's added with ephedrine to create the club drug ecstasy and it can have severe after affects.