Tallahassee Projects for 2004

Sidewalks and storm water improvements are just a few things under the neighborhood infrastructure program.

It's been put on hold because there hasn't been enough funding in the years past.

Tallahassee's Director of Public Works says more than 90 areas that need improvement were dropped then added over the past year and a half, and now a final list of 45 is ready to be approved by the city commission.

"We've gone to the different neighborhoods, talked to different folks we had five public hearings. We received input for individuals as well as organizations and basically made the list,” says Gabriel Menendez.

About $50 million go towards rebuilding roadways, sidewalks and open ditches; problems residents say they've been dealing with for years now.

"A lot of people throw their trash in the drainage because there's no where to put your yard trash, anything from broken beer bottles to food, old bikes and toys and when it rains everything washes up in the yard. There's really bad flooding in the area,” resident John Calvert says.

Officials say the areas that made the list are the tip of the iceberg and there are many more improvements to come as funding becomes available.

"It's taken a long time to get here. I think we have a good program and good system in place to where we'll deliver it very efficiently,” adds Menendez.

Proceeds for the projects will come from bonds that the city will sell. Other roadways that made the list include Pepper Drive from Lipona to Lake Bradford and Paul Russell Road from south Monroe to Jim Lee Road.

City commissioners will vote on the list on Jan. 15 and if approved some of the construction can start with a year.