Taking Care of the Elderly

Officials suggest developing more adult day care centers to keep folks out of nursing homes and into stimulating care.

Life is like a puzzle- you have to try each piece before finding the perfect fit, but these folks have it down. Years have come and gone, their motor skills and memories may be fading, but the puzzle can still be solved. That's why they're spending time at area adult day centers.

Judy Greenwald, Tallahassee Memorial Hospital Spokeswoman said, “most Days you have music therapy, art therapy, it's just a real positive environment to be in.”

An environment Greenwald says is definitely needed throughout north Florida.

With the elderly population rising in this 8-county region, there's only one area, Leon County that offers this type of adult care.

Janice Wise, Executive Dir. Area Agency on Aging for North Florida, said, “we need that in each of our areas- not just Leon.

Wise says adult day care operates much like child day-care. Folks can drop of loved one's while they head to work- or do errands.

In order to create more facilities like the one at Grace Lutheran Church, health officials say action must be taken.
Judy Greenwald said, “I think when legislators come back in the spring, they need to look at additional services for adult day care and health care.”

There are three adult day care facilities in Leon County, one at Grace Lutheran Church, another at Gray Memorial United Methodist Church, and Tallahassee Memorial Hospital runs a more advanced center that can even administer medicine