New EMS Resignation

The original medical director resigned at the last minute. County leaders say the need for a new medical director was unexpected. The previous director says his decision to resign all comes down to liability concerns.

The ambulance service in Leon County is under new management.

"It's definitely an improvement. We'll have roaming crews like the police department, and that will save us time," says Dan Moynihan.

County leaders say the transition had been going very smoothly until they received the resignation of Dr. Javier Escobar, the person first hired as the medical director.

"We learned late in the game that Dr. Escobar wasn't interested in the job. It was unanticipated on our part. There were some concerns and we thought we had addressed them," says Vince Long.

But Dr. Escobar's lawyer, Emily Waugh, says that's not true. In a letter to the county, Waugh says "Dr. Javier Escobar and I regret that Leon County will not agree to a written employment contract and other appropriate measures to protect Dr. Escobar with respect to liability and insurance issues.

But the county has already recovered and filled the position.

"I am board certified. I have a background in the field and have been in the field for about 10 years now," says Dr. Kim Landry.

Dr. Escobar's lawyer says he wanted to take the job, but he was advised to not take the position without liability insurance specifically for himself, or a written agreement that he would have sovereign immunity.

Why not give Dr. Escobar a contract, like he wanted? County officials say that only two people have written contracts, the county's attorney and administrator. That's the standard for local governments. Leon County says Dr. Escobar would have had sovereign immunity.