New Truck Driver Rules

The U.S. Department of Transportation hopes to save lives by limiting the time truckers spend behind the wheel.

Veteran trucker Jerry Aimsworth drives cross country for a living, pulling long hours for the long haul. Starting January 4, Jerry's schedule will change as the U.S. Department of Transportation ushers in new hours of service rule, limiting truckers to 11 hours behind the wheel in a 14-hour day.

It's designed to cut the number of collisions due to driver fatigue, but most truckers say it's steering towards bigger problems.

Truckers like Neil Kerhli says the new rule leaves time for breaks far and few between. Intrastate drivers in Florida don't need to worry about the rule curbing their drive time.

U.S. DOT officials say the new guidelines are based on recognized sleep patterns and will save 75 lives a year. The new hours of service rule represents the first major rewrite of those regulations in more than 60 years.