Leon County School Holiday Camps

Experts say it's during this time unsupervised kids are at greater risk of participating in unhealthy behavior. Some Leon County kids are using this time away from the classroom to make new friends and develop new skills in holiday camps.

Kids spend 50 percent more time out of school than in school. That time can either be a chance to learn new skills or a time of danger. That's why holiday camps like the one at Lafayette Community Center are so important. They make sure kids have a safe place to go after school and over the Christmas break.

Nearly 25 hours out of the week, thousands of children are left unsupervised. Experts say too much time home alone can put kids at risk for multiple social problems, and besides, most kids prefer a game of chase to an empty house.

Counselors say this holiday break more than two-dozen campers graced the basketball court to race an old friend or make a new one, and this keeps these kids on the straight and narrow path until the school bell rings again.

Leon County students head back to school Tuesday, January 6.