Racial Vandals

Neighbors are shaking their heads in disbelief.

George Williams came of age during the contentious civil rights movement. He lost a leg in Vietnam, and Friday morning he had to wake up to this; a swastika and racial slur painted on the side of his house.

"I was kind of furious you know. I don't know why peoples like to do this instead of trying to pull together. You have some people who are going to be that way I guess," says George Williams.

Williams has lived in this home off Talley Ann Drive for about 12 years. As we stood talking in the driveway, many drivers slowed as they passed and several stopped to express their outrage.

"I've never seen nothing wrote like that before. It's a disgrace to write something like that." We all like to get along; we all like to think we get along. I don't think this comes from within the neighborhood,” says William Laster.

“We'll, like I said, do whatever it takes to let people know that we all stand united in this neighborhood," Robert Wallander says.

A fence right across the street was spray painted with the words "white power" and neighbors tell us this family had its car sprayed with racially charged graffiti.

It's not the way George Williams and his neighbors hoped to start the new year. Deputy Pete Cohen with the Leon County Sheriff's Office says right now they have no suspects.

They're asking anyone who saw anything Thursday night, or has any information about the vandalism, to call the Leon County Sheriff's Office at 922-3300.