Soldiers Mobilize

Soldiers from the 160th Military Police Battalion were called to active duty on January 3.

Sunday Morning's ceremony was an opportunity for these men and women in uniform to formally say goodbye to their close friends and family, and for children to begin adjusting to their parents being away.

SPC Sharon Serrant says it is difficult to tell her children that she be gone for a long time.

"To explain to them that mommy has gone to work for the Army. That mommy will be gone for a little while. They're used to me going for a couple of weeks."

MAJ Ken Pierce says he's going to keep in contact as much as possible, with his two girls.

"Well I'm going to miss my family terribly, and I can do it alone. I have great support from my wife, said Pierce, "Hopefully, we'll get through this day by day, and hopefully get back here soon, in time for Christmas."

Many of the soldiers admit they don't know how long their mission will last, or what exactly will happen once they arrive at their site.

"Of course, I'm kind of scared and all, because I'm about to leave my family, and you never know what's going on over there," said Private First Class Demario Greene.

Many of the soldiers say although their leaving home, they're going to have a lot of love and support to take with them.