Scrutiny Swirls Around Florida's Specialty Tags

Last year Florida car owners spent nearly $24 million on specialty license tags, contributing to a spectrum of causes, from education to the protecting the environment.

This is important these are funds we can automatically designate for projects for the rehabilitation of sick animals,” explains FWC spokesperson Angie Raines.

Leon County Sheriff Sgt. Tony Drzewiecki says the 88 specialty tags actually help during eyewitness accounts.

“They may not be able to give the tag number, but they can say if its a FSU or FAMU tag, that narrows it down from 35 million cars to 35,000,” Drzewiecki explains.

Now there have been other concerns from other law enforcement agencies around the state, revolving around the confusion so many plates cause.

“Just imagine if every other state has specialty plates, gets confusing, but I have not found that to be the case though,” adds Drzewiecki.

And there has been some criticism regarding a lack of documentation to prove the money was being spent as promised.