Georgia Legislative Session 2004

Georgia's general assembly will come together at the state capitol Jan. 12. Lawmakers will deliberate several issues on Gov. Sonny Perdue's anticipated agenda.

House Rep. Hugh Broome's says he's pushing for improvements in education.

Broome said, “Democratic leadership has proposed a salary increase for teachers and I understand the governor has done the same thing. It appears as though we will be able to give teachers and state employees a pay raise."

While that's good news, Broome is also hoping it doesn't come at the cost of state employees and services, like state detention centers. However, substantial cuts are expected in health care spending.

Broome says he is also pushing a bill to protect south Georgia's water supply system, and like many other lawmakers, he's waiting to see how Gov. Perdue has mapped out his budget blueprint for the 2004-2005 fiscal year.

Gov. Perdue's budget blueprint for 2004-2005 is expected to be five percent smaller than last year. Perdue will be in Thomasville Friday giving details about of his legislative agenda.