Pizza Delivery Assault

Shortly after midnight Monday morning a young female pizza delivery driver was found by police after being carjacked and sexually assaulted.

Paul Fynmore makes deliveries for Pizza Hut and says while working the night shift, he's had some scary encounters.

Fynmore said, “Someone approached me one time and asked me for a couple of dollars, he was pretty persistent, he just kept approaching me closer and closer."

Fynmore says he's been trained well for his job. He says he makes sure he knows the area going to, and always keeps he's eyes open.

"As I come to each individual house, I'm kind of scanning before I Get out of my car, I pay attention to what's going on, and as I pull up, make sure lights are on." Fynmore said.

TPD officials also say that if you happen to find yourself in an assault situation, the absolute worst thing you can do is to resist.

The young woman was taken to Tallahassee Memorial for treatment shortly after she was found and she's slowly recovering. As for the suspects, there were a total of seven arrests made, and two of the suspects were only 13 years old.