County, Landowner at Odds Over Water Plant

Some commissioners say a bottled water factory in the area will not be beneficial to the community.

For years, Wakulla County resident D.P. High says he has planned to tap into Wakulla Springs and eventually build his own water bottling plant on his property. Monday night commissioners voted 3-2 against the operation, which High wanted in his yard near the intersection of Wakulla, Arran Road and State Road.

High says his immediate plans for the site included building a station and pumping up to 340,000 gallons of water a day from there.

Commissioner Howard Kessler says taking water out of Wakulla County is out of the question.

"It's a very critical time in Florida's history where we're trying to get clear on water transfers if and when they do occur," says Howard Kessler, Wakulla County Commissioner.

"Water is one of the most precious commodities we have today. I just feel Wakulla County needs the publicity they'll get from the Wakulla Springs Bottled Water Company," says D.P. High.

D.P. High says the station would pump $3 to $5 million into Wakulla's economy each year, but removing water from Wakulla County requires the approval of four commissioners.

Even though now the proposal has been shut down once, High says he'll continue to push for the station. He has copies of Florida statutes that he says allowed him to construct the station.