Breast Cancer Survivor Deployed

Among those deploying Tuesday, a woman who knows a thing or two about fighting. She just waged the battle of her life with breast cancer.

SGT Jane Payeur has stared death in the face before, diagnosed with breast cancer at the age of 36, Jane had a mastectomy. Eight rounds of chemo later, she's on her way to Iraq.

"I got the call the day after thanksgiving. I was at Magic Kingdom about to get on a ride with my kids and I got a call from my unit saying I was going to be deploying. And my comment was 'You can't tell me that, I'm at magic kingdom.’ This is where dreams come true,” shares Payeur.

Jane finished her last chemo treatment in May, in December an Army doctor gave her the green light to deploy. Friends who supported her during her battle with cancer can't believe she's being sent to do battle with another enemy so soon.

"My first response was, 'Doesn't cancer keep you out of Iraq?' She said apparently not. It's kind of like a testimony, breast cancer, you're still living, she's still living,” says Kathy Ashton.

"She is a fighter and I think having had cancer and having gone through chemo you look at a problem and say 'Hey, I went through chemo, I can handle this,” Patsy Kitchens adds.

Payeur's two small children, Marion and Martin, will stay here with dad, and the woman who carries a pink ribbon in her duffle hopes to prove once again, she is a survivor.

"With cancer I was able to hit rock bottom and through my faith and all the support I got from my friends and this community I was able to climb right to the top of the mountain, Payeur adds.

Jane says cancer taught her to persevere and she'll take that to Iraq with her along with the cancer drug tomoxifin. Jane and the rest of the 351st Postal Unit will train in Fort Stewart for several weeks. Then it's on to Iraq to make sure service men and women receive their beloved mail.