160th MP Deployment

About 20 members of the 351st Postal Unit are on their way to Fort Stewart and then on to Iraq, and another 150 families said good-bye to members of the 160th MP Battalion.

Vera Greene has done this before, saying goodbye to three military sons over the years, but this time, it's her baby.

"It's been rough, but I don't think any has been as rough as sending the baby," Vera Green laughs.

"She knows I love her. But as long as I keep God first in my life, I'll be home safe,” says Demario Greene.

Members of the 160th Military Police Battalion lingered in the arms of loved ones, fathers and mothers forced to say farewell for 12 to 18 months as they provide base security and guard prisoners somewhere on the front lines in the War on Terror.

A few last words, a kiss for luck, and Sgt. Keith Planner is too on his way. The 160th will go through training in Fort Benning before deploying to an undisclosed location in southwest Asia.

They'll be specifically trained for combat conditions in Iraq, though the Army will not say whether that's their ultimate destination.