Operation Crackdown

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Thursday morning, during a press conference, Wakulla County Sheriff David Harvey displayed the faces of those arrested for drug sale and possession.

So far 30 people have been placed behind bars with about 20 more arrests on the way.

This is part of a 60-day investigation involving undercover officers who made a number of drug purchases. Following all of the arrests, bond amounts are expected to total about $5.8 million.

"Judge N. Sanders Sauls is a good judge. He sets high bonds on these individuals because there is always a chance that they would flee the jurisdiction. There is always a chance that if they get back on the street, somebody could get hurt," said Harvey.

Harvey says he expects those arrested will give up names of those higher up in the drug chain. He wants the message to get out that if you are a drug dealer. Wakulla County is not a good place to do business.