New Bridge in Thomasville

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The new North Madison bridge connects Highway 84 to downtown Thomasville, and it's open ahead of schedule.

Motorists no longer have to use the North Broad Street detour, which took drivers out of the way and over an old railroad crossing.

The project began in January 2006.

Willie Cochran, a resident in the area, said, "It opens up the traffic way in and out of the town, to Cairo to Bainbridge and surrounding towns. It means a lot to Thomasville, surrounding, downtown community."

Diann Jackson works at a nearby restaurant and said, "I'm glad to see it open then there won't be so much traffic, like a lot of time a lot of traffic comes through here, but in a way that does our business some good."

Businesses say they are not worried about losing customers now that the bridge is open. They're just happy to have traffic moving smoothly once again.