Parental Involvement in Madison County

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It takes more than a good school and great teachers to educate kids these days. An added component is parental involvement.

Madison County school administrators are encouraging more parents to take an active role in their child's education.

Carroll Ryals is a 34-year veteran teacher who works diligently with her students providing them with the necessary tools to achieve academic success. Ryals says in her tenure she noticed there's an underlying reason why kids do well in school.

Carroll Ryals said, "When parents don't get involved usually children don't care they have a bad attitude towards learning and it just doesn't work unless everybody is one the same page."

And that's why the district is promoting more parental involvement.

Gwen Hubbard said, "We need parents to understand the power is within them to help improve the achievement level of their children it has to be a partnership. It has to be a shared partnership between family and school."

Parents who are heeding this message are seeing great results.

Tiffany Strickland added, "We're proud to have two daughters who had straight ‘As’ on their last report cared. We work with them each evening with their work and I think it's very important."

Glenn Strickland added, "I think that what's wrong with a lot of kids today is parents are not involved they're counting on today's school system to raise and educate their children."

Administrators say it's a shared responsibility that adds up to the perfect equation for successful students. The district will hold a meeting on February 19 to get feedback from parents on how they can better help them and their kids.