Victim Foils Robbery

By Julie Montanaro
February 8, 6:25 pm

A robber pulled a gun and demands money, but got a swift punch in the gut instead.

It happened at Kim's Grocery and Seafood Market at the corner of Tharpe and Blountstown Highway.

Loi Nguyen says he was cleaning up Monday night when a man approached the window of his cook trailer. Nguyen says the man asked about a job and then pulled out a gun.

"He pulled a gun at me and told me to put all the money in the bag. I said ok. I went over toward him and hit the gun away with my left hand and punched him with my right hand and he got up and hauled butt. I mean, you know, he deserves to be in jail, trying to rob somebody who's doing an honest living, you know?"

Tallahassee Police arrested 20-year-old Bradley Thatcher Wednesday night. An officer responding to a disturbance call thought he matched the description of the robber, and after questioning Thatcher they arrested him for the robbery.