Abandoned Houses, Crack Houses

Homeowners move out, crack heads and hookers move in. However, local city officials say it's time for evictions.

Abandoned houses in Perry are making for cozy homes for drug users and prostitutes.

Anthony Thompson, a Perry resident says, "The houses are hazards. It would be nice if they could tear a couple of them down, or maybe all of them."

The city of Perry declared a house on the corner of Wilder and Dundee Streets a public nuisance.

Crack bags and beer bottles are clearly visible on the premises.

Cynthia Curtis, another Perry resident said, "Prostitution, dope, and everything."

Perry Resident Walter Wright said, "The police ride through. I know they have a lot they have to do and they're trying to catch up with these smokers around here. It would be nice if they catch up with them and lock them up and get them off the streets."

A letter to the owners of that home, now living in Miami, warned them to clean it up.

They’ve missed their January 31st deadline, so the city is proceeding with a judicial process to either clean the property themselves and bill the owners, or take over ownership.

Wright says however, "If they can't get in touch with the owners they need to just go ahead and tear the house down and get it over with."

City officials say they hope legal action against the owners of the Dundee Street home will deter others from allowing their homes to become shelters for illegal activity.

Perry Police are monitoring a similar situation with drugs and prostitution at the Skylark Motel on Highway 27.

The department is pumping up patrols to keep it from becoming a public nuisance.