Howard Middle School May Reopen its Doors

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Howard Middle School carries more than 50 years of heritage, and some Jefferson County residents are worried it may soon be lost.

"This is a school, our heritage we have a lot of ancestors that has went to that school. I went to that school personally," said Carolyn Hamilton.

Over the years not enough people attended HMS and that was a major reason why the school closed down last year, but residents said it has not outlived its usefulness.

"I simply asked them to look at the feasibility of utilizing the closed Howard middle school as an elementary school," said David Cash.

With Jefferson Elementary enrollment up 75 students, reopening HMS has become a real possibility.

"The programs that both of our principals plan to put together for both of the schools that we are going to increase enrollment at both schools and we just anticipating students to remain in this county and some to return," said Shirley Washington, a Jefferson County School Board member.

Whatever decision is made on how to utilize HMS, the superintendent said the school board will do what's right for the students.

"It will be made in the best interest in how we can serve our students and in the most safe, clean environment that is possible," added Phil Barker, Superintendent of Schools for Jefferson County.

The school board plans to make a decision on how to utilize Howard Middle School at their next meeting, February 12.