New Technology for FHP

Florida Highway Patrol vehicles are now equipped with the latest technology, wireless mobile computers.

The FHP says the list is pretty long when it comes to how much these mobile computers can do. They say, the laptops put information at their fingertips, literally.

A small antenna, it may not look like much, but it's connecting the Florida Highway Patrol to other law enforcement agencies all over the state, and the country.

John Bagnardi said, "it's given troopers more information at their finger tips, with just a swipe of a drivers license and at a much faster rate, with much less effort."

Soon every FHP cruiser in the Leon County area will have the computer system with the air cards. Troopers only have to swipe a Florida drivers license, and any information about the driver will come up, including if someone is an organ donor all the way to arrest warrants.

"It's increased vehicle seizures, and warrants for arrests, it's been very successful." But the technology doesn't stop there.

There's also David, Driver and vehicle information database.

David Folsom, "It allows you to check through the data base with numbers or names and it will pull up the digital image that should be on the drivers license."

FHP says sometimes, when someone is pulled over, they won't have a license with them. FHP types in the driver's name and can determine if the person really forgot their license or if they're lying for some reason, once that digital picture comes up.

FHP says since the new system has been installed they've made quite a few arrests.

For certain things, however dispatch is still a very important part of everyday duties, for instance, the new system doesn't know when and where there's been an accident.