FastPass for Airport Security

ATLANTA (AP) - Passengers at Hartsfield-Jackson Atlanta International Airport may soon be able go through special security checkpoints that will be quicker, but it will come at a price.

The plan calls for the airport to charge users an annual fee, probably about $100 for the “Lexus lanes.” Users would undergo background screening similar to a credit check. They would then be issued a special card that would contain biometric information such as fingerprint, iris or other information specific to that person.

Once a person's security information is cleared by the Transportation Security Administration, that person can use the private security lines. The passenger would still have to walk though a metal detector and bags would still go through an X-ray.

The world's busiest airport plans to seek proposals for the system from private companies within six weeks. Airport officials said yesterday the lanes could be operating on a limited scale at checkpoints by June.

The airport would implement the “Registered Traveler” system as a three-year pilot program, with the ability to cancel it with 30 days notice if problems occur. Airport General Manager Ben DeCosta says the plan appears to be working in Orlando, Florida.