Advanced Life Support Arrives in Leon County

The city says there were several concerns along the way, but the final issue dealt with insurance for the Advanced Life Support system.

If you're going to provide that type of service, insurance is critical and there were some hurdles finding the insurance, but the city says that's all over, and a deal is just days away.

Next week, at their respective meetings Leon County and city of Tallahassee commissioners will discuss a deal both say can only benefit the community.

"The item going to the Board is a proposed agreement between the City and the County for the City fire department to provide Advanced Life Support, which would be in conjunction with the County EMS system," says Parwez Alam, Leon County Administrator.

But officials for both sides say the road to this point has been bumpy.

Allan Katz, City Commissioner, says, “I understand we've worked out the agreement, or disagreements I should say. The County Commission is going to be taking up the proposed contract, as is the City, and my understanding is we have an agreement."

If the proposal is signed and made official, "It will basically allow the county fire departments to be involved in the ALS services that will be offered through the county's new EMS. So the people of Tallahassee and Leon County will have access to ALS."

"I feel it's a very good plan. It does increase the service level and we have about 35 fire fighters ready to go as paramedics."

"We're excited. We think it's only going to add to the new system. We're looking forward to being able to provide that additional level of service," says Chief Tom Quillen, Tallahassee Fire Department:

So if all goes as planned come sometime in the spring, the people of Leon County and the City of Tallahassee will see something never allowed before:

Fire fighters performing advanced life support. If someone needs Advanced Life Support, ALS is in place right now. When the county decided to take over the ambulance service, they decided to improve it and part of that plan is to allow fire fighters to administer ALS in the event they get to the scene first.