Taser Training

A training class gave deputies a taste of 50,000 volts, before they have the chance to turn those tasers on anyone else.

"I can't describe it, you can't overcome it. It's electricity running through you and you're totally locked up,” Marc Graves explains.

Leon County deputies will soon be carrying taser guns on their belt, a 50,000-volt jolt that can bring even the biggest men to their knees.

"After it's through, it shuts off. It's over. So I have a lot of respect for it,” comments Richard Womble.

Deputies can fire the taser guns, instead of spraying someone with pepper spray or whacking him with a baton.

"The taser gives us the ability to stand back from a distance, up to 21 feet, and subdue a hostile suspect without anyone getting hurt,” Gene Revell says.

The taser can leave bruises and welts, but Revell says there are no documented cases of serious injury or death.

Every deputy in Leon County will eventually be issued a taser but before that happens, every one of them must experience this incapacitating blast of blue.

The taser guns cost about $500 each, so they'll be phased in at the sheriff's department over the next couple of years.

The Tallahassee Police Department has 17 tasers on the street right now and another 20 on the way.