Thomasville Police Get a New K-9 Unit

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Less than 80 pounds and only two years old, the new guy is the entire package. His name is Nuke, and he's the newest member of the Thomasville Police Department's Canine Unit.

LT Lavone Shiver is a veteran on the K-9 Unit and commented on the new addition.

"We decided to go to the fourth dog. By getting the fourth canine team it allows us to have a canine unit, unless other vacation or sick time, on duty 24 hours a day."

More than 400 hours of training is required before Nuke is ready to hit the streets, but this German Shepherd isn't the only one getting trained.

OFC Waylon Parker is by his side at all times.

"The biggest attraction for K-9 was the versatility. K-9 is one of the most versatile tools you can have in law enforcement."

OFC Parker and Nuke are training with the Florida Department of Law Enforcement to get their certification, and the training is by no means a day at the park.

"It’s very intensive training. You start with a lot of conditioning work to get the dogs in shape because it’s very physically demanding for the dogs," commented OFC Parker.

Physically and mentally demanding, Nuke must watch every step his handler takes. Once fully trained and disciplined Nuke will be one more tool the Thomasville Police Department can utilize to fight crime in the Rose City.

"It could take ten men, officers, to search this building. This dog can do it by itself and in half, in not near the amount of time," added LT Shiver.

OFC Parker and Nuke have a few more weeks left in the training process. Once they are certified, it’s time to hit the streets.