FAMU Student Dresses as Leprechaun

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Many of us have lost a bet at one time or another, and the consequences can sometimes be embarrassing! One FAMU student wishes he could take back a friendly wager he made on the Super Bowl.

Student body president Phillip Agnew had to dress as a leprechaun before hundreds of classmates Friday.

The Chicago native thought the Bears would pull out a victory, which of course they didn't. Students laughed, took pictures and some couldn't believe their eyes.

"I read the paper, the FAMUan, so I had to come here after my class to see him. I thought he would be dressed as a leprechaun. I didn't know he would be an actual leprechaun," said FAMU student Trisha Strachan.

Agnew said he had no idea so many people would show up for what students coined "Saint Agnew Day."