Grill Maker Busted

By Julie Montanaro
February 9, 6:55pm

A Tallahassee man is under arrest, accused of practicing dentistry without a license.

Deputies served a search warrant at an indoor flea market on South Monroe Thursday night and came out with more than a dozen custom grills and more than $2,000 in cash.

Deputies say there's nothing wrong with selling the popular gold teeth covers, but nineteen year old Rony Germinal was making molds of customers' teeth and that is against the law.

"When you take and put a mold and put it in a person's mouth, you take an impression of their teeth or you help them to do that, you are violating the law because you are practicing dentistry," said SGT Rob Pace.

Deputies say Germinal has been in business at the flea market for about a year. They say they were following up on a complaint from the Department of Health.

Deputies say making the molds without training and proper sanitary precautions is both illegal and dangerous.