Carjacking and Bank Robbery Linked

A robber struck in Tallahassee Friday morning, right after stealing a car to make his getaway, and this was a particularly violent hold up.

It happened at the Capital City Bank on the corner of Tennessee and High Road at about 9:30AM.

Witnesses say a man bent down, pulled a stocking mask over his face, put his Yankees ball cap back on and then stuck a gun to the head of a customer who was walking out the door.

"He physically forced her back into the bank with a semi-automatic handgun, and used physical force taking her down to the different tellers to go ahead and get money," said Tallahassee Police Spokesman John Newland.

The robber released the woman, before jumping into a getaway car waiting outside.

It turns out, the Red Monte Carlo was stolen in a carjacking near Tallahassee Community College about 45 minutes earlier.

A young man said a couple of men in a blue Chevy Tahoe with dark tinted windows forced him off the road and stole his car at gunpoint.

It was found abandoned a couple of blocks from the bank.

The robber and his getaway driver are still at large.

Here is the best description witnesses could provide: the robber is a stocky black man, 5'8" to 5'10", wearing a black t-shirt, tan pants and tan work boots and he wore a Yankees cap over his stocking mask.

Anyone with information should call Tallahassee Police at 850-891-4200.