A Redesigned University Could Cut Some Graduate Programs At FAMU

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The Pappas Consulting Group issued a report outlining a new blueprint for Florida's university system.

"The report suggests that what we need is a set of baccalaureate degree granting institutions that would focus exclusively of undergraduate education," said Mark Rosenberg, the Chancellor of the State University System of Florida.

Florida A&M University was one of the schools named in the new plan.

"With FAMU the Pappas report could lead to a funding formula that would help FAMU to address its historic mission which is critically important while maintaining their commitment to select professional and graduate degrees," added Chancellor Rosenberg.

Schools have the option to decline or accept to become part of the plan. The way the proposal is written it does not completely remove graduate programs but some FAMU alumni said accepting the blueprint would be a bad move.

"I think to implement those findings, especially for FAMU, would be a step backwards for FAMU. And definitely we're in the process of moving the university forward," said Alan Williams, President of the Tallahassee Chapter of the FAMU Alumni Association.

The chancellor said it will be months before the Board of Governors makes a decision on what direction to take the university system. A public hearing is scheduled February 27Th at the University of Central Florida.