Facelift for Area Neighborhood

Several bullet-ridden homes in Midway, Florida are about to get a much-needed facelift. Two Tallahassee investors have purchased an entire block of homes with hopes of turning eyesores into safe havens for residents.

For the last two years Debra Murray and her family have been living in a two-bedroom house. She says the walls in the kitchen have been falling apart, and to make matters worse, she's using a bucket to trap water from underneath the sink.

"I told my husband when income tax time come we're getting out of here. I can’t afford to pay no 300 dollars here living in something I never own, I just can't do it," says Debra Murray, a substandard housing resident.

Jimmi Ellis and his partner, Donna Decker, have now purchased the eight homes and eight-bedroom apartment complex in "High Bluff Village" with hopes of transforming these badly damaged homes into safe havens for residents.

"It's a lot of work here, it's almost overwhelming and what we need to do is go into the house that are abandoned and start to restore and renovate them," says new homeowner Donna Decker.

"Cheap rent doesn't mean an unfit place to live. These people work hard for their money when they come home they should have a home they should be proud off," says Jimmi Ellis, also a new homeowner.

The majority of these homes at are vacant, and folks have been using the property to discard empty bottles forming a sea of trash in the area. These new owners hope to transform this misfit into an ideal place for residents like Murray and her family, similar to Soul Garden in Tallahassee.

Owners hope to begin repairs on some of the homes within the next week.