Man Who Held Hostage Was Under the Influence

Police know more about the man who held his family hostage for nearly four hours Thursday afternoon. Officers tell us he was under the influence of drugs.

Officers say Joe Eidson may have been going through some family difficulties, but the main issue was the paranoia he was experiencing after abusing both marijuana and crystal meth.

Holly Hill Lane is described by residents as a peaceful community, but that wasn't the case Thursday as officers from various agencies moved in with full riot gear to put an end to a hostage situation.

"I just moved here from Jacksonville, Florida. I'm used to stuff like that in a bigger city, but I didn't expect something like that here, especially in my own neighborhood," says neighbor Blake Wright.

Officers managed to get 38-year-old Decatur County resident Joe Eidsonto. He let his mother, uncle, sister and nephew go, and then turned himself in after two and a half hours of negotiations.

Officers say Eidson had only been staying here at his mother's house for two days. They say a combination of sleep deprivation, marijuana and methamphetamines made him do what he did.

"I could see his pupils were dilated just about as big as they could get and his behavior at the hospital. We had to subdue him again at the hospital," says CAPT John Richards, Thomas County Sheriff.

Officers say the only weapon they found after searching the house on holly hill lane was an eight and three quarter inch buck knife, but they were prepared for anything.

"When we're in a situation like that, we prepare for the worst. Anything less than that is a good job."

Officers wouldn't go into some of the demands Eidson was making Thursday. They only say he was very disoriented, changing his mind every few minutes but still threatening to harm his family.

After being evaluated at Archbold Hospital, he's now being held in the Thomas County Jail, charged with four counts of aggravated assault and kidnapping.