Valdosta Career Fair

Many people are taking the initiative to see what's available in the job market. Many people are flocking to a career fair being held Friday and Saturday in Valdosta that brings hopeful opportunities for both the employers and the job seekers.

Often times a handshake marks the beginning of a new career. That's the goal of folks attending the Valdosta-Lowndes Career Fair in hopes to find a job.

"It gives people the opportunity to apply with several different companies at one time. It also gives some company's exposure to people looking for work. It works both ways. You may see a company that you haven't thought about applying with," says Susan Dukes of the Georgia Department of Labor.

Valdosta's unemployment rate of 2.9 percent is actually lower than the state and national average, but some say it's still incredibly tough to find that job.

"I lost my job in May and didn't get a job till August, and so and with a family that's not good. I tried everything where everyone said, ‘no, you don't have enough experience’ or ‘we'll call you’, but didn't call," says Kristan Moorehead.

Seventeen different businesses from around the community are on hand to answer questions, or provide onsite interviews. Many job seekers agree this is a great way to meet potential employers.

"I just moved here two years ago and I don't know anybody, and I've got qualifications but I'll get looked over if someone that knows someone is doing the hiring," adds Kristan.

"I think it is important in these slow times to get as many employers in the public forefront that you can and this is just one way of doing that," says Susan Dukes.

Labor experts also say as Valdosta continues to grow, they hope the city will attract even larger companies to the area. The career fair is being held at the Valdosta-Lowndes Conference Center and it's absolutely free to anyone looking for a job.