Fraternity Row

Nearly a dozen fraternities will be moving to a development on Ocala Road in the fall to the delight of some and the dismay of others.

This expanse of red clay will soon be transformed into "fraternity row." Thirteen houses will be built here. Ten frats have committed so far, and Pi Kappa Alpha's Scott Thomas is anxious to move in.

"I think it'll be good because everyone will be kind of together you know. Other schools have one big fraternity row. Finally we'll all be together," says Scott.

FSU administrators encouraged the move. They could use the space for parking and new facilities, not to mention many of the frat houses on campus are old and run down.

"They've been on the border of the fire marshal for some years. We force them to clean things up and make things right and something else will fall off the radar screen," says Dr. John Carnaghi.

Heritage grove is a $25 million project. The university kicked in $4 million for infrastructure and the Leon County Educational Facilities authority will run it.

"I think it will definitely be better, especially for rush. The way it is now, they're scattered around campus. That way once we're all over there it'll be more centralized for rush," says Gene Miller.

The only drawback for fraternity brothers like Gene is that quick walk to class or to the stadium won't be so quick anymore.

"I'm hoping there's ‘gonna be a bus route or something. I have a car but it's kind of nice just to get up and walk to class," William Wightman says.

Most of the houses are scheduled to be finished by the start of the fall semester, but others won't be ready until the following year.