Recall Drive in Midway

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The petition claims Chuck Willis is incompetent and has often attended meetings under the influence of drugs and alcohol.

Allegations he says are totally false.

Councilman Chuck Willis says he's worked hard for residents in the city of Midway for the past seven years, but that hasn't stopped some of them from filing a petition to remove him from office.

Chuck Willis said, "I was hearing rumors in the streets about the allegations, but I was surprised that the petition was turned in."

The supervisor of elections received a six-page petition with 110 signatures claiming:

* Willis' conduct does not represent the citizens of midway.

* He's incompetent in filling his role as council member

* Attends meetings under influence of drugs and alcohol and has made several comments that indicate he's in violation of the Sunshine Law.

Henry Hunter, Willis' attorney, said, "He's never been convicted of a felony. His health is in good shape he has no permanent disability. There's never been an allegation of drunkardness at any of the commission meeting. This is something that thrown in there trying to meet the statues."

The supervisor of elections reviewed the petition and found it did not meet the required number of valid signatures to remove Willis from office.

Shirley Green Knight said, "Out of the 110, there were only 69 that was valid, and out of the 110 there was some that was out dated and some wasn't registered to vote."

Chuck Willis has been a council member since 1999. He says during his tenure he has never been arrested for drugs or alcohol.

Willis retained Henry Hunter as his attorney, and Hunter is looking into whether the claims can be considered libelous or slanderous.