FSU Students Raise Concerns Over University's Grading Policy

Some FSU students say Gator graduates have an unfair advantage when it comes to GPA.

When it comes to FSU-Florida football, the scoreboard can speak for itself, but students at FSU say when it comes to grading, differing systems give Gators an unfair advantage. Currently, FSU has a grading system with pluses and minuses. UF hands out pluses but no minuses.

“Some of them have asked is it fair that their GPS can look better, even though they may have received the same grades for similar classes,” says Patrick Sullivan, FSU SGA President.

Some administrators say they are in favor of a change, but as to what that change should be is still up in the air. FSU Provost Larry Abele told the student newspaper he'd like to do away with pluses and minuses altogether.

“A GPA is a great place to start, but very few decisions are made on just GPA alone,” says John Barnhill, FSU Admissions Director.

FSU student government members plan to meet with administrators in mid-February, as well as talk with University of Florida student leaders to find out how they were able to get a system with pluses only.