VSU Student Leaders Voice Their Concerns

The welcome signs have been rolled out at Valdosta State University. With a fresh semester just getting underway, student government leaders say there are a few issues they will be focusing on.

"Some of the restaurants on campus, the hours their open, the recreation center's hours, the medical center on campus, parking is a big thing with everyone. We want a five-level garage on Oak Street, which is real expensive, but students want it, so that's what I'm going to push for," says Jason Lewis, VSU SGA President

Finding enough funding for those kinds of projects may be difficult, but school leaders say the increasing population is actually a source of help.

"Fortunately for us, with our enrollment, we're able to handle some of the cuts by the increased numbers of students, but its difficult. Now we're trying to find more ways to be efficient," says Kurt Keppler, VP of Student Affairs

VSU student leaders say they too are not alone when having to work around state funding cutbacks. Both student and school leaders are still hopeful, that they can make the best of this semester's tough economic times, and create a better future for VSU.

VSU administrators say they are hopeful that they can make enough small budget cuts so teaching job cuts are not needed.