Industrial Expansion

The industrial park there has maxed out their space and county officials are making more room for other potential companies.

Speculative or "spec" facilities are built with the prospective business owner in mind, and Grady County officials are confident that the open space will attract more businesses.

Seminole Marines, a manufacturer of saltwater fishing boats, was the first company to move in Grady County's industrial park. The owner says he moved his business here from Tallahassee for a number of reasons.

"We like the central location, the logistical location for nationwide distribution is excellent. The community and people in the community have become tremendous assets for use a employees," says Paul Hoppes.

Grady County's chamber of commerce has seen the popularity of the park and plans to attract even more businesses with these new buildings. Officials say they do take a risk in building first and selling later but they say they have to have a structure to show prospective businesses. So far this model has gained the interest of two companies.

"It's going to fit a lot of different people for a lot of different things. But we don't mind having somebody look and say well I need something kinda like this because we got plenty of room right beside us so we can build another one," Rick McCaskill says.

"We were the only ones here when we moved here eight years ago. Obviously now there are a lot of people in the park, more people are attracted to it everyday," says Paul Hoppes.

Paul Hoppes says he encourages prospective businesses to come into the park, and says the proximity of the park, paired with the community's quality workers, is the secret to success.

The newest building is just the beginning. There are more to be built and sold in the future. The building will be complete next week, so all the details will be worked out in the next few days and officials are hoping for dozens of new jobs.