Habitat Store

Habitat for Humanity in Valdosta receives many home construction donations, but not everything is suited to Habitat needs. That's why the organization has opened a "re-store," to offer surplus goods and greatly reduced prices.

"Because we always have donations of building materials and other items, its a way for us to recycle things we can't use," says Charlotte Christian, Habitat For Humanity Interim Director

This warehouse is packed will all kinds of building materials; everything from nails, to paints, to tape and even aluminum siding. Habitat is not only recycling, but creating a revenue stream to help pay for their daily operations.

"It’s very important. It pays the rent on this building and without it, we would have to pay for this location out of pocket, and it would be that much money we couldn't spend on houses," says Warren Scoby, store manager.

And while last year's massive Jimmy Carter work project is a distant memory, Habitat leaders say they need all the money they can get for an aggressive yearlong home building campaign.

"Not as much attention for last year's big project, there will be several smaller builds, we have two houses under construction right now, we will be doing three more in March," Charlotte Christian adds.

Habitat officials hope there is enough business at the new “re-store” to keep a larger portion of money flowing into new home construction.

The Valdosta Habitat "re-store" will open its doors this Saturday and will be open on Fridays and Saturdays.