Leon County Rural Zoning Policy

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Commissioner Bill Proctor says the policy prevents working, modest income citizens from owning land in our community.

Commissioner Proctor wants to eliminate the county’s one house per 10 acres land use policy for rural zoning. He says it makes many Leon County citizens land rich and money poor.

At a morning press conference, Commissioner Proctor said two-thirds of his south side district is currently restricted to one house per 10 acres, and the policy is a waste of land and inconsistent with growth demands facing the community.

The county's rural zoning policy has been in effect since 1990 and was developed to guide growth in the county, but, Commissioner Proctor says it's more of a hindrance and it's time to change the policy.

County commissioners voted to have the policy reviewed. A workshop is planned for next month to look at ways to address the rural zoning issue.