Teens Charged as Adults in Tallahassee Crime

In all, seven teens face charges in three different robberies, the most heinous of which included the abduction and rape of a female pizza delivery driver.

According to assistant state attorney Warren Goodwin, 19-year-old Justin Truett, 17-year-old Brian Delavallade and 16-year-old Marvin Chaires will all be tried as adults for kidnapping and robbery.

Truett and Chaires are also accused of raping that female driver. Those teens and four others are being held in connection with three holdups:

On January 1, a Gumby's deliveryman was beaten, robbed and forced to ride around in his own car on January 3, a delivery driver for the Hong Kong II restaurant was robbed, but managed to escape before being forced into his car, and on January 4 a Hungry Howie's driver was robbed and raped by a group of men.

A fourth teen will likely be transferred to the adult system Thursday. The status of three other teens is still being debated.