Is There Room for the Medically Needy Program in Florida's New Budget?

The program got axed from last year's budget, but people are holding out hope for a change of heart this year.

Terry Galloway is deaf. She was devastated when lawmakers scrapped a program last year that provides hearing aids and glasses to low-income Floridians.

She got her own hearing aids through a state program a few years ago, but she worries about the people out there now who are having to struggle without a decent pair of glasses or the hearing aids they need to hold down a job.

Galloway says the letter shows the state just doesn't get it.

Rep. Heather Fiorentino is sympathetic, but she holds out little hope the money for the glasses and hearing aids will be restored this year.

“When you have class size, you've got the bullet train, you have all of those mandated to the legislature what we have to fund and then all the needs of the people, over 16 million people in the state of Florida, we do have to balance,” says Rep. Heather Fiorentino,

Still, after legislators found more than $300,000 to bring the Scripps Research Institute to Florida. Galloway has trouble believing the $7 million it would take to provide desperately needed glasses and hearing aids can't be found some place.

Lt. Gov. Toni Jennings has expressed hope that both the legislature and the governor's office will revisit the eyeglass and hearing aid program this year.