Georgia School Nabs Distinguished Award

Garrison-Pilcher Elementary was one of only 22 schools in Georgia to receive the "Title One Distinguished Schools" award this year.

For the fifth year in a row, Garrison-Pilcher elementary has been honored as a Georgia Title One Distinguished School.

Parents say although the award is based on making adequate yearly progress, it's the atmosphere of the school that has taken it this far. Betty Ann Nesmith, parent, said, “they're not just another child in the classroom. They know all their names, they do special stuff in the afternoons, there's just a lot going on for this school.”

For each of the 22 schools across the state being honored, this year's award comes along with a special prize. Karen Kugelmann, assistant principal, said “they decided to go ahead and give all the schools an equal sum of money, it's a little over $24,000."

Terry White, kindergarten teacher, said, “we have things for other things like $25 or $30 per classroom but this is a large amount of money and I understand it will be divided among the faculty and that really is an incentive."

All elementary through high schools across the state of Georgia competed for the award.