Georgia Tourism Outlook for 2004

To boost tourism, state leaders plan to do more advertising of the states attractions. Officials say Georgia is full of assets that can boost the economy if we did a better job to promote them.

Georgia may be known as the Peach State, but several state dignitaries met Wednesday with the public to discuss how to pump more "green" into the economy. Their plan is to dip into the states' second largest industry, tourism.

Phil Jacobs, Georgia Department of Tourism, said, “clearly tourism is economic development we have so many assets in this state and to be able to advertise the assets, and bring people into the state who spend money with local industry, which generate tax dollars at both state and local level.”

Phil Jacobs, president of Georgia Operations, says tourism has been the most successful asset in helping to fuel the struggling economy.

Georgia's tourism has increased with a grand total of 42 million visitors last year, and a $5.5 million increase in hotel revenue, 81% of the Peach State visitors came for historical activities. Janice cannon, Georgia Department of Industry, Trade and Tourism, said, "it's important to focus on that heritage and cultural visitor because those people spend more time and money. They average 5 nights stay when they get to their destinations.”

Officials have begun their efforts by featuring Thomasvilles' Pebble Hill Plantation on the states' number one travel resource. It’s one way officials hope to continue to keep "Georgia on Your Mind."

State officials say they plan to make stronger partnerships between state and private sectors, and venues like local plantations, to help with promoting. Tourism officials say every dollar spent on advertising equals 7 or 8 tax dollars in revenue back to the state.