Wanted Man on Maury Povich

By Julie Montanaro
February 13, 6:45pm

A Tallahassee man appeared on a television talk show, much to the surprise of deputies who've been looking for him.

Harry Parker appeared on the Maury Povich show Monday as three different women accused him of fathering their children.

It turns out Parker is wanted in Tallahassee on nine different warrants, from aggravated battery to failing to pay child support.

LCSO Spokesman Chris Chase said, "Monday afternoon at about 4:30 we received a phone call wanting to confirm warrants on Mr. Parker. When we asked why and said we couldn't give that information, they told us if you'll turn it on, Mr. Parker, he's on TV right now."

Deputies are hoping to greet Parker when he returns to Tallahassee.