New Gun Bill in Georgia

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The bill soared through the House of Representatives and is on its way to the senate.
The new bill has law enforcement officers concerned. They say it could make traffic stops even more dangerous.
The new gun bill would allow someone, with or without a concealed weapons permit, to hide a loaded handgun in their vehicle.
Some law enforcement officers fear the new bill will put their lives in the line of fire more often.
Investigator Jason Carroll with the Thomas County Sheriff's Office
comments on the new bill, "It's not a good idea from a law enforcement standpoint. Law enforcement stopping a vehicle and they have a loaded weapon hidden in the vehicle law enforcement can't see it, and puts them in a dangerous situation."
But Georgia Representative Timothy Bearden disagrees. As a former law enforcement officer he wrote the bill... and says hiding a loaded weapon in your vehicle is part of the second amendment.
Arlene Smith, a Thomas County resident supports the new bill and says, "I feel like for a woman to have protection to be able to protect herself, I think they ought to have that right."
Lynn Bradley, also a Thomas County resident agrees with Smith, "I agree with it. My husband carries a weapon with him at all times, in his vehicle, he travels 45 minutes to work every day there and back. And he carries one. I don't see anything wrong with it."
Investigator Carroll adds, "If he is a bad guy, easy access, loaded weapon, bad guy on a traffic stop. It's not a good combination."
And it's those citizens who do not follow the law that officers worry about. The new bill just addresses anyone with a license to carry a pistol or revolver.
Florida laws are a little different dealing with if the gun is "securely encased" or not. If the loaded weapon is not easily accessible, at least two steps away, then a person can transport the weapon without a concealed weapons permit.
So a motorist would need to be aware of the differences when crossing the border into Florida.