Tallahassee Robbery Prevention

A seminar offered Wednesday drew just three people, but drivers on the street have plenty to say about the recent holdups.

Bob Prewitt has been delivering pizzas full-time for the past two months. He usually works at night. He's never refused to deliver a pizza, but he has thought twice about it.

"Usually when it's a big dog or if I'm not sure about it. Sometimes people invite you in and you're like, 'I don't know'" Bob says.

The recent robberies and kidnappings of three delivery drivers in town are a hot topic at this shop, which does employ several female drivers.

"It's getting dangerous now. I know everyone is thinking 'Why should we continue to do this and put our lives on the line? ‘But we try to make it as safe as possible for them," says Reginald McGirt, Assistant Manager of Papa John's

Police offer these suggestions to drivers like Bob. If a home is dark or if something seems suspicious, don't go to the door. Make sure your employer knows which deliveries you are making, and be sure to check in when you leave and return.

If you are the victim of a holdup, try to make mental notes of the suspect's appearance and vehicle.

“Comply with the robber. Whatever his demands are, meet them as best you can. If they want money out of the cash register, please give them the money from the cash register. Up until the point the robber wants you to leave the location, that's the one time we suggest that you do not comply with the robber," says Kathy McGhin, TPD Crime Prevention Officer.

Police also encourage drivers like Bob to carry cell phones or walkie talkies in the event of trouble, but bob doesn't have one, and prays he'll never need one.

Police say the bottom line is comply. Give up your money, not your life. The exception as OFC McGhin mentioned is do not leave the scene with the robber; 85 percent of those victims are killed.