Two Arrested in Illegal Deer Hunt


Two Tallahassee men are behind bars, accused of illegal deer hunting. Leon County sheriff's deputies and the Florida Fish and Wildlife Conservation Commission made the arrest.

The Sheriff's Office says the men not only were illegally hunting Tuesday night, but the shots were fired in a residential neighborhood, right in front of someone's home.

Twenty-two-year-old Brandon Marsh and Jeffrey Gatlin are charged with night hunting and reckless display of a firearm.

Deputies say they caught up with the men after receiving complaints of shots being fired in the Millstone Plantation neighborhood in Bradfordville.

The Leon County Sheriff's Office says when people shoot within a neighborhood it's a very dangerous situation that threatens other people, vehicles, and houses. Deputies say those who recklessly display a firearm will be arrested.

The meat from the deer is being donated to a local children's home.

Deputies say they're seeing more and more animal poaching cases like this because what were wooded rural areas are becoming developed and more animals like deer and turkeys are being spotted in neighborhoods.