Fishermen Fishing Spat

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No security, dirt roads, trash all around, and a boat ramp nearly underwater; these are the conditions fishermen must deal with if they want to fish on the Ochlockonee River.

Fisherman Charles Shepard said, "They need some security. A lot of people are scared to go down there and leave their truck while they're fishing because of people breaking windows out."

Fishermen say they would like to see law enforcement regularly patrol the area and post a sign saying so. Other than safety issues, fishermen say they want new boat ramps and a paved road leading to the river.

Fisherman Willie Armster said, "We need new ramps, we need someone to drain it down and clean it out, get all the trash out, let it flow again, and let everybody start fishing, but we need ramps, the ramps are in bad shape."

Fisherman Richard Lewis added, "There's a lot of four-wheel drives that go down there and just tear up the road, running their four-wheel drive vehicles, tearing up the road, and you can't get down there in a regular pick-up truck."

Fishermen say they've voiced their concerns to county and public works officials, who say they do recognize the need for change, but say there are funding issues and environmental concerns to consider.

Other ideas fishermen have to better the area are building more boat ramps where the river crosses Highway 84.